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Shower Thoughts

There’s a lot of wisdom to be found out there on the internets and truly one of the best places to find some of it is at Reddit’s “r/showerthoughts”. We culled some the best and brightest posts and compelled them here for your enjoyment. That’s a good way to get answers for your next interview. […]

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Pelosi calls $600 stimulus checks “significant.”

Congress has been working on a stimulus package for months now, and the best they can do (since the last paltry payment of $1,200 in March) is $600. “I would like them to have been bigger, but they are significant, and they will be going out soon,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on the House […]

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Santa Claus

25 Christmas memes to get you in the spirit!

The holiday season can be super stressful, what with all the shopping, the crowds, pretending to like that Secret Santa gift you got from the weird chick at the office,  and the obligatory family get together.  As my mom always said, “you can’t drink your way through life” (yes, mother, you actually can) so here’s […]

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