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Shower Thoughts

Advertisements There’s a lot of wisdom to be found out there on the internets and truly one of the best places to find some of it is at Reddit’s “r/showerthoughts”. We culled some the best and brightest posts and compelled them here for your enjoyment. That’s a good way to get answers for your next […]

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Canned Jalapeños

Advertisements I wrote another recipe here for fresh pickled jalapeños. It’s a super easy recipe that requires only jalapeños and vinegar. That recipe is meant for jalapeños to be stored in the fridge and used over a three month period of time. If you’re wanting to actually can jalapeños for storage, this is the one […]

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Chicken Tenders

Advertisements Homemade Chicken Tenders My daughter is always asking me to make her some chicken tenders. I created this recipe. I also have a Keto version of chicken tenders here. For my chicken tenders, I start with two or three boneless skinless chicken breasts, then I butterfly each chicken breast and cut it into strips. You […]

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Keto Pizza Crust

Advertisements I’ve been doing Keto for about a month now, and, while I don’t really miss pizza in general, I do miss the convenient portability of leftover pizza. Much like a sandwich, leftover pizza is a take anywhere, easy eating item, and if you like your leftover pizza cold like I do, then even better. […]

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Keto Carnitas

Advertisements The first time I made Keto Carnitas, I couldn’t believe how good they turned out. The second time, I forgot to put in the jalapeños and they were so-so, still good, but it just felt like something was missing. Don’t be afraid of those jalapeños, they really are not too spicy, and they add […]

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