The holiday season can be super stressful, what with all the shopping, the crowds, pretending to like that Secret Santa gift you got from the weird chick at the office,  and the obligatory family get together.  As my mom always said, “you can’t drink your way through life” (yes, mother, you actually can) so here’s a few memes to help get you through it instead.

1. Anybody else have to tie their christmas tree to the armoire to keep it upright?

2.  Same

3. I don’t know why he’s crying.  Being single is GREAT!

4. Every.  Single.  Time.

5. You can do this trick with gift bags, too!

6.  Ugh

7.  Christmas can be hard on introverts.

8.  Accurate!

9. *laughs nervously* He’s fine, he’ll be fine..

10. …and Secret Santas, and your second cousin’s boyfriend, and your hostess gift for that party you don’t want to go…

11.  You’d think he’d be a little less obvious.

12.  TFW you’re over it.

13.  The day after Thanksgiving be like

14.  Wait, what?

15.  Sometimes it do be like that.

16.  Santa *thought* he was punishing me…

17.  Just suspend your disbelief..

18.  I meant it a little bit.  Kinda…

19.  He SWOL!

20.  Maybe wait till after dark?

21.  Ouch

22.  Bad dog!

23.  This is why I drink, Karen!

24. Definitely returning some stuff!

25.  Santa got game